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About Us

We have a dream – of blue skies, pure air, green open spaces, colourful and fragrant flowers and produce that is organic and filed with nutrition and NOT pesticides. If we can help our fellow Indians get even a tiny bit closer to this dream – our journey will have been rewarded.

We are a well established company which started with an off-line model. Set up many decades ago by a group of garden enthusiasts and garden lovers in the green valley of Dehradun, we have offices in Delhi and Greater Noida. We launched this website in 2011 on popular request and inquiries from Tier II and Tier III cities. We hope that with this website, sitting far away from the metros, you will have access to us and be able to pursue your gardening dreams.

Groveflora has been featured by Dell India in their "Achieve With Dell" initiative. We were selected for our inspiring story in following our passion of bringing gardening to everyone's doorstep using technology as an enabler!

Our newsletter is available to all subscribers who have registered with us and its popularity has only increased over the years since its inception. In case you have not registered, please do so at the earliest at

What differentiates us is that we have everything you may need for your gardening needs. In addition to our staples of Seeds, flower bulbs, fertilizers, growing media, garden tools, lawn care products, water products, orchids and medium, pots and containers etc. we help you with timely advice and gardening tips. Our gardening experts are available for gardening query resolution free of charge online.

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For Corporates & Institutions we are able to provide green-scaping consulting turning their environment into oasis of greens that are decisive stress busters for their employees. We also offer potted greens that are unique and bring a bit of nature to every desk. In addition, garden themed calendars with their flower of the month and inspirational quotes are available.

For Amateur and Professional home gardeners we offer gardening resources like flower bulbs, seeds, growing media, fertilizers and new products that can be tried even in small quantities. Our aim is to help everyone on this Green Journey we have undertaken together!

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